The Music

"How would you describe your music?"

I don't think there is an easy answer to that one. I don't play just one type of music.
I seem to be only able to play my own music,  some of which are Industrial Sound Sculptures.
Industrial, because I use house hold items such as crocodile clips, Braun battery shavers,
pieces of Velcro, metal spatulas and anything which will vibrate the strings or create the
desired effect.

Sound sculptures, because by using digital sound layers on top of each other they create
a multi orchestral sound! In fact that is another aspect of my music; a Wide-Screen stereo
orchestral sonic classical sound as in my recording of 'Spirit Sky Montana' on CD called

Spirit Sky Montana is a composition influenced by Aaron Copland's music and it has those big
broad digital sound spreads that pictures one standing on the plains looking at wall to wall stars.

I also mix industrial with Spanish sounds, Avant -Garde noises and violent over-driven motorised
air sounds, as in 'City Signals' (sounds from an open window). 'Imaginary Music' maybe sums it
up better."