Marks on the Air

Chris Parker, The Times
January 16th 1998

"A live performance by guitarist G. P. Hall is something of a spectacle, since
he conjures an extraordinary variety of sounds and textures not only from a
selection of guitars, processors and programmers, but from less likely sources
such as battery fans, mechanical crickets and electric shavers.

His music, however, has a great deal more to recommend it than mere 
novelty value."

"Although with clearly discernible roots in blues and flamenco, it is an
entirely individual, consistently exhilarating mix of electronic sound sculpture
(ranging from insect-swarm to industrial-machinery effects), cosmic noise,
filigree acoustic delicacy and straightforward screaming electric guitar.

All this is harnessed to produce everything from hymnic meditations
on natural beauty to what Hall calls 'industrial blues'.

Recorded at London's Spitz and Wiltshire's Phantom Theatre, this album
should be investigated by anyone interested in the outer limits of electric