Each a Glimpse & Gone Forever

Chris Parker, The Times,
29 May 2000

' An extravagantly gifted and (reflecting his wide traveling and careful listening)
commendably open-eared musician, G.P. Hall has been performing his (mainly)
solo guitar sound sculptures and acoustic pieces for long enough to have
established himself as one of the UK ’s most adventurous and imaginative

 This album contains over 70 minutes of extraordinary music, culled from live
performances all over Britain , and it showcases his uniquely eclectic
(one piece is accurately described as a “reggae / Irish / classical / Spanish Mix”) 
approach perfectly.

Whether in filigree-­delicate acoustic or industrial soundscape mode, 
or merely rocking out over pre-recorded rhythm tracks, he is a highly individual
artist who should be much better known. Essential listening not only for
guitar-buffs, but also for anyone interested in cutting-edge contemporary music.'